Happy and young

How to be happy… stay young… how?

Be friends with young people. This is why I love being a Sunday school teacher – being with children and being with my Sunday school teachers who are much younger than I am.


Do things like the young, do things with the young. How? Do not be a KJ. (kill-joy)  Be fun. Be versatile – adopt to the young doing their thing – look at things from the young’s perspective. Be funny. Enjoy and be young at heart and mind even when the body screams old. haha..

Learn new things. I learned to drive when I was 30. I began swimming lessons and took French classes when I was 40 and pregnant with my youngest. I learned to really swim when I was already near the half-century mark.

I went to grad school when I was 42. I graduated from grad school 30 years after I graduated from high school.  I entered seminary at nearly 50. All these experiences keep me growing.

Life begins at 40 they say. It begins anew each day. Live life with vigour and energy like the young and you will find there is joy as spring brings joy even after the winter. So my dear peers and friends, go out and live life to the full. That’s what our Creator wants us to do to glorify Him – live life with joy!


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