Waiting outside the operating room…

The chairs are almost fully occupied. Behind me, two ladies are talking about food n diet. In front of me, my dad’s family driver dozing off, his nurse n caregiver looking around at the Med staff coming out the o.r. The staff was calling for one of the patients’ relatives.

Papa has been inside two hours now. This morning, I asked my prayer-warrior-pals to pray for papa, for his procedure today. May God lead and guide us both as I accompany him in today’s journey.

God answered our prayers as He protected me two times from near accidents on my way to the hospital. A car nearly hit us when we left our house. A cyclist nearly run into us as we arrive at the hospital. What a prelude to the journey!

So as I wait on, I know whatever comes along the way, God sees me through to where I need to be… A place where I get to know Him more, a place where I experience His amazing sufficient grace, an opportunity to share my journey called life, living and loving.


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