All things worked out

And I know that God works out all things (good or bad) for my good even when my love for Him is not perfect, for I am called to live my life according to His purpose. This purpose is to acknowledge Him so that He be glorified in all the earth.


God worked out my fall (not good) so that I get to experience His peace beyond understanding as I witnessed how He brought me through the difficult times.


God provided me with a good caregiver who now serves as a reliever for the caregivers of my father.


God caused a friend who visited me during my sickness to be instrument to minister to my father when he was in need of a catheter not available in the hospital he’s staying.


God allowed papa to go through peg installation, pneumonia, sepsis, bed sores, colon obstruction, stent insertion, and on-going dialysis so that our family can witness how amazingly great is the grace and mercy of our Almighty God. He sees us through each step of the journey.


We learn to be grateful and find joy in the little and simple pleasures of life: papa’s talkative/alert moments, his memories, his good appetite (for ice cream, for soup even for siopao which he cannot have), his toothless smile, his nod, his brow acknowledgement.. for sunshine on dialysis days, for kind nurses/hospital staff, for light traffic along the way and even heavy ones because he arrives safely in each of his destination.


In my fall, i learned new things.. how to use the wheelchair, to navigate the stairs with crutches. I realised how life is for those who cannot walk. I practiced patience. I got a PWD (person with disability) card – which does not help much in the patience lesson 🙂


In papa’s sickness, Marian and I learn how to help one another, forgive one another, pray more and depend on God more… discover new meanings in Give us this day our daily bread…unravel the truth about praying Lord, have mercy and Thy will be done.


So let me say again:


And I know that God causes all things to work together for my good to me who love God, to me for I am called according to His purpose.

(Romans 8:28 Personalised version).


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