Be Happy… Give joy, not kill joy…

KJ: this is a Pinoy (Filipino culture) expression. We used to say: Do not be a KJ. KJ is kill-joy. I’ve always thought that of all traits that i want people to associate with me, being funny is near the top of the list. I certainly do not like to be a KJ – especially to my children.

KJ people are shunned. Who wants to be friends with KJs? They are pictured as ‘square’ and ‘rigid’ – judgemental, all knowing. They find fault in everyone and everything. They are not happy when people are happy.


The Bible teaches us to rejoice with those who rejoice. This is good advice – I feel good when my friends and family are happy. So instead of being a KJ, give joy. Find ways to make the people around you smile. There is a Chinese saying: 助人为快乐之本. Helping others is an investment in joy.

One level up: I am learning that helping others even and especially when I do not feel so good myself – helps to get me out of my misery. God is timely. He sends me people to help just when I think I need help. He sends me friends to comfort just when I needed comfort. Helping others helps me to stop thinking about the issues that are bothering me. It opens my eyes that there are people facing greater challenges than I am.


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