Praying and waiting

Billy Graham once told of his young son asking him to keep his marbles for him while he played. So Mr. Graham put the marbles in his pocket to keep for his son. Soon, the boy returned: Dad, can i have my marbles back? Not long after, he came back crying. Why? He lost his marbles.

 Are we not like that? We go to God with our prayer concerns and ask Him to keep them for us – that He take care of our requests, that He provide for our needs, that He take our worries and our fears, etc etc. Then after praying, we took it all back. We find solutions to our problems. We depend on our abilities to fix things and make it better. We worry and we fret. And we go crying to Him, how come the results are not as we would like them to be.

I know it is easier said than done… because I’ve been like the little boy. I asked God to safe keep my treasures or take away my anxious thoughts and heavy burdens. Then I changed my mind and thought I could do better. But many times, God taught me to be patient. He wants me to trust Him completely and patiently. I’ve learned that rushing things do not make it faster or better. I asked the botanist who helped with our plants at home: how long before the flowers bloom, how long will the flowers last, how often do I have to water them… all these questions concern time. Time is what it takes to grow flowers. Time is needed to make buds open. Time is needed for me to learn patience. I need to wait and in waiting, I need to fully trust and obey.

Sa tamang panahon… (at the right time…) we will all learn to pray rightly and trust fully, perfectly. In due time, we will learn to let God safe keep our marbles always.


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