What to do when I am sad…

Last Saturday I felt so sad missing my parents, I texted my sister:
Are you available for lunch? Am so so sad.
When I sat down, I cried: today I no longer have papa or mama to visit. Shobe said: Di yah ko u shobe ng tseh.. (You still have a little sister to chat with.)
And so my sister Marian and I had a memorable lunch reminiscing about papa and mama.
Today I am happiest because:
1) My Chinese high school teacher hugged me. She could not remember me. After i told her I was her student, she hugged me.
2) She sang 靠耶蘇度過今世 many times with me. (Leaning on Jesus to live this life – A Chinese Hymn)
3) She recited Psalm 23 with me.
4) We sang a few more Chinese hymns together.
5) She prayed for me and I prayed for her.
6) I know she enjoyed my visit because:
a. She kept smiling all the time.
b. She didn’t want me to leave.
c. She asked me to have lunch at her place.
7) Last but certainly not the least… she said ‘Di yah sui!’
(whoa… pumalakpak ang aking 2 tenga: Tagalog/Pilipino for “applause to my ears”  Sorry, I am vain.)
No kidding.. that made my day! She said it not once but twice. Or was it thrice!? 😀


And so this is my secret recipe to finding joy in grief:
1) find someone to share the sadness
2) give to someone to multiply the gladness
Go and do the same… and your joy will be complete!
P.S. For my non-Chinese speaking friends, tell your Chinese friend: “Di yah sui!” And find out for yourself, how happy you will be to share the happiness. Cheers!


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