Where’s my phone? :(

The other night I went night snacking with a couple of friends after handbell practice. I came home and put away my gloves. Then I opened my bag and found that my phone was not inside.
Oh no… panic mode… I looked inside the bag again. I went into the bathroom and looked inside the cabinet where i put the gloves. No phone there. i looked for it on our desk in the bedroom. Nada!
I quickly googled for the phone number of the dim sum place. Found it.. dialled and toot toot toot.. busy! haayaahh.. panic mode getting higher.. I went into my children’s room, girls, pls call my phone. I lost it.. Han and Abi each dialled. ringing… ringing.. nothing!

Desperate… I called a friend who lives near the restaurant. She’s not there.

I called the restaurant again. Someone answered, wrong number. Sigh… I memorised the phone number and got it wrong.
So I looked at the number again on the computer, write down two numbers this time. Call again.

Someone answered, yes! ‘Can u kindly look in the table near the stairs for my phone… I left it there when my 2 friends and I had our meal awhile ago.’ The kind person said ‘Ok, let me check, pls wait…’  Waiting, waiting.. crossing my fingers… “Wala ho… meron mga customers umupo dun sa table nyo …. Sarado na po kami…” (Sorry, no phone there.. there were two groups of customers who came in after you, who sat in that table.. we are now closed.)   Long story short, the guy was kind enough to take down a phone number for him to call in case they found the phone.

Haaayaahhh.. am so so sad.. it’s my first time to lose my cellphone. What to do… all my contacts, my pics etc etc.. I have to call Globe and Sun.. I have to inform all my friends.. long long sigh.. How do i tell hubby? I just got the phone few weeks ago! huhuhu..

So i went in our room and hubby said: Why is your phone ringing and ringing?

Whoa! What a relief it is… I’m so absent-minded… My phone was on my bedside table. I didn’t even remember putting it there. I just kept remembering it beside my plate on the table in the restaurant!

Moral of the story: When you are a golden girl, accept the fact that you are prone to memory problems like being absent-minded.
So when you think you lost something, stay calm. And look for it.. it will show up in the most unexpected place.

Cheers to all my friends with the same absent-minded feathers… We flock together… No worries!

Here’s something for you to find out more about this natural phenomenon called ‘Forgetfulness’…



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