A heart of compassion

I had surgery after a bad fall that fractured my ankle. In the weeks that followed, I had to pee in the commode beside my bed.

It warms my heart each time Hannah or Abigail took out the pail from the commode to pour my urine in the toilet. It reminds me of their love for me. I don’t know how they feel or what they are thinking each time they do that – whether during the day or in the middle of the night. But I feel their love and I thank God for His blessings through my children’s service of love.


Then I think about my caregivers and all others who do the same thing each day, day in and day out. For certain, they are earning a living. But whether they do so with an additional touch of kindness in their hearts, I cannot tell. One thing I know God is teaching me to be compassionate.

These caregivers all have their stories told or untold, whether the employers ask or care or not. Some of them work straight 24 hours shift. They travel long way from home to work , work to home or even from one job to another, during wee hours of morning or late at night.

My worldly practical self dictates that I should get the 12-hour full service that I paid for. It applies to our drivers. But God’s compassion compels me to let them go home when there’s a storm coming or when they’ve gone through more than 24 hours shift before they come to me. They do not need to stay till their full shift is completed.


When Jesus sees the needy, He always has compassion for them. To be compassionate is to be in the shoe of those less fortunate. To see how they see, To feel how they feel. As Jesus is kind and merciful, so do we his followers be.


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