Tagging along mama…

This morning I recalled tagging along mama to visit an elderly aunt. It was such a long time ago. I was just perhaps in early grade school. I remember we often visited this aunt.  My paternal grandma had two adopted sons before she had her eldest son – my 3rd uncle三伯. This elderly aunt was my 大伯母(first aunt). She was the wife of my 1st uncle, eldest (adopted) brother of my father. Hence she was my mom’s 大嫂 (eldest sister-in-law)。The Chinese people have an interesting and significant way of calling each other in the family. By their titles, one knows who is related to whom and how. It is unlike the ‘generic’ grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and in-laws in the western world.


So my mom regularly brought me to visit my 大伯母. She was old and sickly. I remember feeling sad each time I visit.. seeing her frail and weak in her bed. She also seemed lonely to me. I don’t remember if she had any children, perhaps not. Anyway, mama often visited her to talk with her and showed her concern. Looking back, I see what an important lesson my mom was teaching me back then…to care for the widows and show concern for the poor and needy. At that time, it was just one of those habits that we do. I recall no sermon from mama about the value of caring for our relatives or showing love for the poor.

Today, I am reminded of mama’s many legacies. Many things are caught than taught. Parenting is a lifestyle. I miss my mom so much. It made me miss her more as I think about the lessons that she taught me about life and about living…about being a caring sister and a loving mother.

Mama, thank you for being a good mother to me. Thank you for showing how to love others. Thank you for praying for me so I can be a good follower of Jesus. I love you so.


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