The Gift that no one asks for…

One morning two years ago today, I heard my mother-in-law praying:主阿,(求)你賜我小兒長壽,讓他能服侍你。
(Lord, please grant my son a long life that he might serve you.)

Longevity: that is one thing Andrew has never asked and would never ask for. I realize that while she wished the Lord would take her soon, my mom-in-law hopes that her son would live a long long life.

Do we not wish the same for our children? I do not know about how long is long but one thing I am sure of: I pray that my children would not precede me to leave this world.

On the other hand, when our loved ones need us, how do we pray for our life? Andrew might not have prayed for a long life, yet a few weeks ago, when he was sick, he prayed that God would heal him because he did not want me to suffer sorrow upon sorrow. My parents just passed away this year within 5 months of each other. He realized he wanted and needed to live on for me.

Christmas thought: God gave us the gift of His Son – the gift that no one asks for. As a parent, how would you feel to give up your own precious child as a gift and had the gift rejected? What about the Gift? How about Jesus? He came to earth to live as a man for man’s sake. He gave mankind the gift of His birth in a manger, and His death on the cross. The manger and the cross, such humble yet costly gifts, gifts that no one asks for and many rejected.

This Christmas, let me not belittle the precious gift that God gave me. Let me treasure Jesus, the Christ in Christmas… the Reason for the season, the present of Presence that is Emmanuel: God with us… The Gift that I did not ask for yet I receive so freely and abundantly… thank you Lord for your Gift!


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