New year’s day musings

Musings on new year’s day …

I opened my eyes waken by snores in a cozy room in the cold night snuggled under the warm blanket… got up to answer the call of nature. As i sat on the cold seat, a verse popped into mind: Delight yourself in the Lord n He will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4

Why that verse… because of another proverb: Live life to express, not to impress.

God has given me a gift: the gift of words. He gave His Word for me to know Him, His character and His purpose for my life. He teaches me to share His blessings of salvation. I am to live to point people to Him.

Friends encourage me to write a book. Today, no book still. It’s ok… Jesus never wrote any. I will write to express. God knows the desires of my heart. As I take delight in Him, liking what He likes, doing to others what He does for me, I believe He will grant the desires of my heart in His beautiful time.

Today is a new day to begin another page. My life is the book that God wants me to write. What words will people read? What pictures does it paint of God? Am i expressing it well? Is it impressive? Most importantly, is God pleased? Questions to ponder on new year’s day and each new day after that…

How about you, friend? How is your book? Is God in it?


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