Legacy of mama

Waste not, want not. This is the reply the grandkids gave to their grandma when she asked them ‘What would you remember about momma when I die?’

Hannah’s reply would be ‘Guama always prayed for us.’ Yes, my mother’s prayer life is something precious to emulate. Unfortunately, I do not practice prayer enough. Perhaps, things been too easy for me, or maybe I just take it for granted God knows, He’s taking care of things – I don’t need to keep telling him. Or often, I just pray when anxiety begins to trouble me. Other times, I just give up praying and put it to one side. Persistence and perseverance at prayer is one thing I need to learn from mama. It is her habit to pray for each one of us everyday. Today, by God’s grace and mercy, I am who I am, where I am, how I am, what I am, why I am because my mother prayed for me.

I know she prayed for me and my future life partner. I can’t recall I prayed about a husband or what kind of man I wish him to be. One of my criteria (quite shallow/mababaw) is that he should be tall.. even though I am not.

My mom once told me my ninang wanted to ‘kai siao’ – refer me a boyfriend. I told her “oh no, i don’t want kai siao.” Not knowing that Andrew was the one my ninang had in mind. God works in mysterious ways but He also allows man in partnership with Him through prayers and actions. My ninang referred Andrew a job in my other Ninong’s company where I worked. And the rest is history. There was no other more presentable and taller guy in the workplace who could make me laugh. 😉

Enough of our love story. My point is that my mom prayed for me everyday. Prayer is her lasting legacy for her family and friends. I have heard her praying with friends on the phone. I asked her to pray with my mother-in-law on the phone. Prayer is one ministry she did even when she was sick and could not go out. Prayer is her one and only resort when she was sick and afraid and did not want to bother us or burden us with anxiety. Prayer got her through many deep valleys and dark shadows of life.

Now that I no longer have her with me, I often think about her legacy and I pray more often – telling God what I would have told her. (tears pouring now).

To be continued…

I’m sharing this, friends so that you will be encouraged to pray – just as I am reminding myself to persevere in this journey of intimate chat with our Father in heaven.


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