Dancing and Stretching…

So happy I finally get to dance and sweat it out.. after so many weeks/months of abstinence..

I had to go through many sessions of therapy, weights, stretching so my ankle will get better… walked, hiked, and go up and down the stairs….

Indeed no pain, no gain, Pag may hirap, may ginhawa. (Filipino proverb: Where there’s difficulty, there’s also prosperity.)

Kung walang tiyaga, walang nilaga. (Another Filipino proverb: If you do not have patience, you do not get to enjoy boiled stew.)
Nilaga or stew takes time to cook and, therefore, to enjoy it, you need to be prepared to wait.  In life there are things that are worth waiting for.  Good things come to those who wait.

I’m glad I was able to catch up with the steps of the instructor even tho i was absent so long. It’s because I’m familiar with his moves, I can expect and tell how he dances.

In the same way, children of God dance better when they are familiar with the ways of God. God is always one step ahead for us to follow him – just like my instructor is often one step ahead to show us what’s next. Even when the teacher stops, I switch my eyes to my classmate, one of the best in our class. I follow her moves to keep up. Similarly Christians can follow the moves of more mature Christians – in their daily walk. When they do not know or get lost, companions in the journey can show the way. Of course, we need to focus on the best leader. In our class, just directly a little to the left of the best dancer, is our worst. I need to focus on the right person, a little off-tangent and I’m in trouble.

In my power-stretching sessions, my physical trainer often asks, ‘Tama na mam?’ Is it alright, mam? I would say: STOP. And he would stop. He’s a big guy, I would surely be aching all over if he uses his full force. At any rate, he controls his force and depends on my signal to help him know my limit. I really dislike stretching, and weights. I prefer dancing. But then I need these sessions to help me go on to dancing.

God too, stretches us to our limit – to help us realize our potentials. He will not push us beyond what we can bear.


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