When my child is better than I am…

Yesterday, I went with my youngest to attend a family conference at a school. She was asked several questions on competence and on conscience. As I listened to her answers, I went through a few emotional discoveries.

It pleasantly surprised me that her motivation for learning and studying diligently is not grades but thirst for knowledge. It humbles me to know that my child is a better student than I was. She is more industrious than I was. She is less grade-conscious than I am. 😀 I must admit whenever she gives me test papers to sign, I often just looked at her grades.
As I think about her responses, I thank God for His grace – this gift of a diligent child – who seeks to learn and grow in knowledge.

What for you is right? She paused for a few seconds and answered. Right is when someone is helped or gets benefited.

On cheating: Have you encountered or witnessed anyone cheating? What did u do? Yes, i asked him why did you cheat. He didn’t study. What else did you do? ‘I saw you.’ It in a way gave him a nudge that somebody saw him.

On bullying: Have you encountered any bullying incident? What did you do? Yes, I did. Name calling.. a classmate was being called different names. I was new in school. No one would listen to me. I just did not participate. I jokingly told them to stop and said ‘You’re so mean.’

The interviewer asked me if i have anything to add to these two issues: cheating and bullying:
When she was younger, she told the teacher to correct her score in the test paper for a wrong answer which was marked right.
As a new student in grade 2 or 3, she was bullied. She came home crying one day because a classmate told some friends not to be friends with her. I comforted her and encouraged her to just find other friends. Today that classmate is one of her closest friends.

I am reminded that children are heritage from the Lord. Parenting is by grace in grace. I treasured the heritage of my mom – training me in the way that I should go so that even when old I will not depart from it. I pray that God grant me wisdom and discernment and diligence to do the same. I confess my shortcomings and often taking for granted His gift – precious heritage of giving me children to have and to hold, to rear and nurture.

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