Humble beginnings… proud ending

King Saul had humble beginnings. His name was first mentioned as son of Kish and his first mission was to look for his father’s lost donkeys. 1 Sam 9:1-3 He knew he was the least among people when Samuel told him he was to be king of Israel. He said: “But am I not a Benjamite, from the smallest tribe of Israel, and is not my clan the least of all the clans of the tribe of Benjamin? Why do you say such a thing to me?” 9:21 When his uncle asked him what Samuel told him, he didn’t mention about his anointing for kingship. 10:16 When people wanted to make him king, he was nowhere to be found coz he hid himself. 10:21-22 When some men didn’t approve of him as king and scorned him, he was silent. 10:27

Saul started small in spite of his big exterior – tall and handsome. 9:2,10:23

God changed Saul’s heart v.9 Saul prophesied when the spirit of God came powerfully upon him v.10 God rallied valiant men to follow Saul. v. 26

How did Saul end? His pride started his downfall. He disobeyed Samuel’s instructions for him to wait 7 days. 9:8 His fear of losing the war, his fear of the people’s fear, compelled him to offer sacrifice himself. 13:11-12 He went on to do things by himself for himself. He was impatient. 7 days came and still no sign of Samuel. But Samuel came right after he offered the sacrifice. If only he was patient enough to wait a bit longer…

Saul forgot how God led him to victory in Jabesh Gilead. 1 Sam 11. He thought he could start doing things on his own. He disobeyed not once but twice. The 2nd time he spared King Agag and the best of the bounty when God specifically told him to kill everyone and everything. 15:1-3, 9 Saul even justified himself saying it was the soldiers who spared the best so they can sacrifice to the Lord. 15, 20-21

Lessons to learn:
God calls and chooses people with humble beginnings. He used Joseph, to bring salvation to starving people. He called Moses while he was tending flocks to deliver Israelites from oppression. Saul was just looking for lost donkeys.

Whom God calls, He enables. God changed Saul’s heart. His spirit enabled him to prophesy. He touched people’s heart to follow Saul. He gave Saul victory to rescue Jabesh Gilead.

God only requires our obedience to trust his leading… to follow his instructions. When circumstances tell us otherwise, we need to remember how God led us in the past. Saul forgot. He was impatient. He wanted to solve the problem himself. He started small and wanted to end big.

How about me? Am I impatient waiting for God? Do I let my circumstances or people around me to waver in my dependence on God? Do I take things into my own hand rather than ask God and wait on him? Am i self-reliant rather than God-dependent?

Let me beware of proud ending and remember my humble beginnings.


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