Musings on Good Friday

Why good Friday? What good is today?


Memories light the corners of my mind…

Do: 饮水思源。。。
Don’t: 忘恩负义。。。

The first phrase is the first line of a song by Barbara Streisand: The Way We were.

The 2nd is a Chinese proverb. Its literal meaning is Drink Water Think Source.

The 3rd is also a Chinese proverb. Literal translation: Forget Grace Negate Righteousness.

What do these phrases have in common? What is the key word for all of them? Remember…

Today I remember how Jesus walked the road of calvary. Today I remember why He died on the cross for me.

Today I drink from the fountain of eternal life and remember that Jesus, the Living Water was thirsty on the cross.

Today I should not forget His grace.
I should not be ungrateful, today and always.


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