Swimming with the beetles and the bees…

Final day of my 3-day honeymoon at an island resort in Palawan, Philippines… Here are some discoveries I made:

Surprise of the day: The water in the swimming pool at 630am was actually quite warm. Why: there were 6 lights of 500 watts each which were just turned off by manong minutes before i arrived at the pool. Moral lesson: It’s good to brave the known/unknown unpleasant stuffs in life. I expected to swim in cold water. I was so happy to find the water more than lukewarm. I asked manong if the pool was heated.

Beetles and bees were my companions in the pool. Dead ones! I scooped out more than 30 pieces of them. Kill two birds with 1 stone – a diversion while i took breaks from swimming, i helped manong (Filipino term for older brother) in his task to clean the pool.

I learned something eco-friendly from manong. I asked him if they put chlorine in the pool. He said rarely coz the water in the pool comes from the sea and goes through a process to take out the salt/etc. and also make it suitable for swimming. It goes thru a cycle from the sea to the pool back to the sea.
There is also another process to make sea water for use in the bathroom for taking shower/washing and another for flushing the toilet. It’s why I notice the water in the water closet is yellowish in colour. A third process is to make the seawater drinkable for the staff in the resort. Guests drink distilled water which they buy from Wilkins etc. The staff drink water purified from sea water.

This resort is really eco-friendly. Lots of well-planned designs and architectures in its buildings, its paths, walkways and stairways – where they are situated.. very efficient!

Last but not the least: it’s not the most expensive villas that have the most amenities or benefits. All the villas are exactly the same in layout and size, all furnishings/bathroom etc. The difference in price lies in their proximity to the beach and the pool. Andrew booked us the least expensive – we’re in the last unit at the topmost level.. we are the farthest from the pool. Benefits: we have the best view – overlooking the whole El Nido with its clouds, mountains, and waters. We have the longest path to walk and therefore we get to exercise our legs/feet the most. Our morning and evening walks gave us opportunities to hold hands and talk and look at the leaves and trees along the way.

Thank God from whom all blessings flow. God is everywhere – we just need to open our eyes, open our ears and be attentive to all that he gives us – with an open mind and obedient heart to listen to what he has to say.


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