Father, what do you give your son?

The legacy of a dad…of nails and timber, wisdom and courage

Many parents work hard to provide for their children. We plan, we strive, we do our best so that our kids will have a good, successful life and a bright future.

King David left a lasting legacy to his son, Solomon – the wise king of Israel – having none like him before or after him. What did David do? How did he prepare Solomon to be king, successor to his throne? David made material preparations – gold, silver, bronze, timber and even nails. (vv.2-4,14) He provided human resources to help his son build the temple. (vv.15-19) More than these tangible resources, David left a more important legacy.

The Vision vv. 6-10
David told Solomon of his desire to build a house for God. He also explained why God did not allow him to do so: because of the bloodshed he had in his lifetime as a soldier and king. (vv.7-8) David told his son God’s plan for him to build His house. He shared God’s promise for Solomon. First, God gave him peace and quiet (peaceful rest- v.9). Unlike David, Solomon had a prosperous and peaceful reign – enjoying the favor of many nations around him. Secondly, God promised the he will be Solomon’s father and Solomon will be his son (worthy relationship- v.10a). Third, God said he will be with Solomon forever – to establish his kingdom (lasting reign – v. 10b).

The prayer vv.11-13
David prayed that the Lord be with his son so that he may be successful to build God’s house. v.11 David prayed for wisdom for his son so that he may obey God. v.12-13a
David encouraged his son to be strong and courageous – not to be afraid. v.13b

How do we follow David’s example in parenting our children today? We need to communicate God’s vision for our lives: both ours and our children’s! A godly vision guides a purposefully worthy life.

Equally important is equipping our children to fulfil God’s vision and mission for our life and in our daily living. How? We pray for them. For what?
We pray for God’s presence in their lives – that they experience God being with them in whatever they do. We teach them to experience God’s presence by reading God’s word and being attentive to the Holy Spirit.


We ask for God’s wisdom in their lives – that they obey God in whatever they do.
When I know that God is with me and that He gives me wisdom to know what to do, I can be brave, I can be strong. Certainly, God’s vision in my life will be fulfilled.

Is this not the lasting worthy legacy for a parent to give to his son?



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