You and me against the world…

This morning as I read the Bible passage from Amos 1-5. Two words stood out: You and Me.


“‘Yet you have not returned to Me,’ declares the Lord.”

This phrase appeared 5 times (Amos 4:6,8,9,10,11). In Amos 4, God pronounced judgement on Israel’s sins – oppressing the poor and the needy (v.1). God said he’s going to punish them. “Yet they have not repented of their sins.” Again and again, God waited for them to return to him.

While not all calamities or sufferings are consequences of sins, often times, it is through difficult trials that God calls us to repent and turn to him just like his call to Israel:

For thus says the Lord to the house of Israel,
“Seek Me that you may live. (Amos 5:4)


You and me – a song came to mind from these words… You and me against the world. This is an old song by Paul Williams I heard many years ago. Today I realise that it is a song about a mother and her child. What a fitting song – a timely reminder of my mother…

And when one of us is gone
And one is left alone to carry on
Then remembering will have to do
Memories alone will get us through
Think about the days of me and you
You and me against the world.

More than memories, I’d like to think that my mom lives on in me and in my life – as I live out her legacies of faith, hope and love in God’s amazing grace and by his unending mercy.

Through it all, it’s You and me against the world, my Creator-God and my Redeemer-Jesus and my Teacher-Holy Spirit. Let me seek You and live!

amos consolidated



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